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We both have admiration for fashion and quality materials. James grew up with many mentors in his community and church who always “dressed sharped.” James learned to “dress to impress” and that first impressions are important. He admired Pat Riley and was influenced by the suits he wore, specfically his custom-tailored shirts. An observer of people. James has always noticed how people dressed, how they put things together, and what made them stand out.

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Locally owned and run, Jada’s Men’s Accessories offers quality, timeless men’s accessories at afforadable prices. Owners James and Wendy Abram provide a delightful, personalized shopping experience.

For our clients

James has always loved bowties. Quality fabric and a well-made bowtie provide the finishing touch to complete a look. He began selling custom bowties a few years ago. In the summer of 2018, we began vending at the Art Market of Durham and at events throughout the east coast. In May of 2020, we opened our physical store on 417 Foster St., Studio 2, inside Cecy’s Art Gallery.

Spirit of collaboration

Wendy’s love for men’s fashion was instilled in her by her father , Dr. Luther McManus Jr., a university professor and retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Wendy often accompanied her father as he shoppped for suits,ties, or shoes. He explained why he paired a tie or a shirt with a suit, and why a few high-quality items are better than many items of lower quality. When Wendy met James, one of the first things she noticed was his suit and his style. They were married a year later.

What Sets Jada’s Apart From Other Shops in the Area?

Providing our customers with a personal shopping experience and building meaningful connections without customers is most important to us. We love seeing photos of their events and the smiles on their faces, and we share those on our “Wall of Fame” inside our store. Our clientele includes media personalities, locally and in Charlotte.
The variety and quality og items we provide cannot be found in department stores. Our customers appreciate the selection and patters we offer. As our buyer, James insist on high quality fabrics and craftsmanship. We pride ourselves on offering a boutique experience for men’s accessories.